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Dont’ worry, this post is handicap accessible…..

Let me begin by saying I have nothing against the handicap.  Whether it is a limp, mental limitations, or total paralysis, I never make fun of or offend.  I do however have one minor gripe when it comes to this group of people who want to be treated equal.  “Equal” is apparently a word that has broadened over the years.  No one who is “equal” would ever want their own set of specific laws, or rules, I believe these are put in place by people who are not handicap but assume they are helping the otherwise unjust.  I am kind of steering away from my point here, so let me paint a picture of why I am writing this post.  I pull up to a convienence store just wanting a gatorade and I find 2 spots left, both which are handicap.  Now I would never park in a handicap spot under normal circumstances, but what do I see, a car with a handicap plate parked in a normal spot.  Dillema!  Why park there when there are 2 spots that were specifically built for your vehicle?  So I took the liberty of parking in the handicap spot figuring the spots would cancel each other out.  Now am I a bad guy? C’mon, be honest.  I just don’t think that its right that its ok for someone to be able to park in all 20 spots, yet a select few can only park in 15 of them.  It’s along the same lines are girls being able to play on baseball teams with the boys, yet if a boy wanted to play a little slow pitch softball, he’s looked down upon.  I just think that there should be somewhat stricter guidelines, or none at all.  Once again, let me reiterate, I have nothing against the handicap.  I’ve worked with them and enjoyed every minute of it.  And believe me, if I could have written this post in brail, I most certainly would have……..