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Anthony DiSano “does not like” this……

Ok, so this one is for all you facebookers out there.  There are two things that aggravate me when I’m looking through status updates.  The first one is when someone puts up a status and someone “likes” the status.  Normally this is fine, for example “Going to the Justin Bieber concert”….Chris Daniels “likes” this.   However such posts such as “I’m tired”, or “Got the flu”, does not deserve a “like”!  Hey I like the fact that your tired, can’t wait till you fall asleep so I can break in and steal all your shit.  Boy so glad you have the flu, I was vomiting all over the place a few days ago.  Seriously guys, lets not get trigger happy here.  My second gripe is when someone puts up a status, and then “likes” it themselves.  Well no shit you like it, why the hell would you write it in the first place????  So let’s be a little more aware of stuff you do and a little less aggressive with that left click on the mouse.