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The Jets and reporters, what is the connection…..

It all began on a cold December night in 2003.  The New York Jets were playing the New England Patriots, the air was cold, the hits were punishing, and for Joe Namath, the holiday celebration was beginning early.  Who can forget those words that left Broadway Joes’ lips.  No, not  “We’re gonna win the game. I guarantee it.”….I’m  talking about “I want to kiss you.”  That phrase spoken to sideline reporter Suzy Kolber marked the first of 3 encounters by former and current Jets players with female reporters.  Let’s fast forward 7 years when an innocent, yet sexy former Miss Spain Ines Sainz, entered the Jets locker room.  Full of large naked black men, and Mark Sanchez, things were said, penises looked at, and a new controversy was started.  Now just last week we find footballs Iron Man himself, Brett Favre, involved in his own allegations with a Jets reporter.  These allegations include lude voice messages, text messages, and the ever popular penis picture.  First of all Brett, we all know that Bill Clinton is the only man who can show his penis to an employee of the organization he works for and get away with it.  Secondly, when will people learn that if you send nude photos to someone, they will end up on the internet.  The only way a woman should see your penis is if you show her in the privacy of your own home, or pull it out in the corner of a well-lit bar….that’s it!   But why the Jets?…why reporters?  It’s like some weird kind of Bermuda Triangle, only no one goes missing, just more penises get seen.  Whatever the cause of these actions may be, one thing for sure is Brett Favre is no Santonio Holmes!