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PETA…Save the whales, harpoon a fat chick….

               This could definitely piss off a few people, good thing nobody reads my blog!  I have somewhat of a gripe against all of these organizations that live there lives protecting all of gods little creatures.  Let me begin by saying I love animals, not just eating them, I also find them absolutely fascinating….just not all of them.  I believe that these groups of protesters should maybe limit their obsession to a select few.  Domesticated animals, endangered, even maybe some of the cute ones….but there are just some creatures that should be left alone.  I totally tanked a raccoon this morning on the way to work, had to be at least 20-30 pounds.  Ran right out in front of my car while I was doing 50 mph down a main road.  Stopping short or swerving would not have saved this creatures life.  Now I am not absolutely sure this creature died in the crash…I have yet to hear from his insurance company….but he had to at least have some sort of limp.  This occurence got me thinking….some animals (and humans) are just too dumb to be taken care of.  Any animal (or human)  that would decide to dash in front of a moving vehicle is either too reckless or suicidal for any group of people to give a shit about.  Don’t worry though, had it been a bunny I would have totally been distraught for the rest of the day, those son of a bitches are cute!