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Common sense….it’s not that common….

So has everyone heard about the lady from Lowell who tried making the counterfeit deposit at the bank?  At first you would say “A”  for effort, but let me finish.  Now, normally if one was to attempt such a feat, they might not want to seem suspicious or draw attention to them selves.  This could be done by making a small deposit as to not raise questions.  Nope, she decides she’s going to attempt to make a $10,000 deposit.  Not only does she try this, she tries it by depositing a $10,000 bill!!!  Seriously……how dumb do you have to be?   At least do research, the $10,000 bill hasn’t been issued since 1934! That bill had to look more fake than the $50 bill Data found in the Fratelli’s restaurant!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPcpXFERiR4 This got me thinking about the common sense level of the normal individual…..and it’s not very high at all.   Now don’t get me wrong…if you have a lack of education, have difficulty with math, or can’t read at the age of 4o, that’s fine with me.  However, if you completely lack common sense, that’s when I begin to get irritated.  I say we come up with a plan…..we have scientists, psychologists, doctors, etc.  come up with a test.  We can call it the CSAT…or Common Sense Aptitude Test.  We determine what an average score should be, then anyone who falls below this average will be made the way of the chinese daughter.  Now I know some of you are saying that it’s inhumane or just plan old mean, but lets think…..it wouldn’t be inhumane because we wouldn’t even have to weigh them down when we throw them in the ocean.  They would end up drowning themselves because they wouldn’t have the common sense to tread water in order to stay afloat……