Paging Doctor……….

I once has aspirations to be a doctor.  Who wouldn’t want to save lives, help sick children, and give the occasional mammogram.  However, the 13 years of schooling and residency deterred me from this career choice.  Then to my surprise, came Web MD.  “What, Spiderman is a doctor?!”…..NO, our friendly neighborhood spiderman is still just a photographer, I’m talking about a wonderful and magical website the one can self diagnose his or her symptoms and pin point the exact disease that they have.  What better way to fuel a hypochondriac’s passion for illness than to be able to simply type whats ailing them and have a computer spit out a list of diseases and infections that coincide with the problems they are having.  I’m not sure how Dr. Gregory House will ever survive now that the world no longer needs his sarcastic questions and outrageous diagnosis.  The only problem is, have you ever actually attempted to use Web MD?  Go ahead, open a new tab and I’ll wait for you to check it out…………………I bet they told you that you have cancer huh?  Yup, it’s always cancer.  Got a headache, tumor…..stomachache, colon cancer……broken leg, bone cancer….the list goes on and on.  I say we stick with the real doctors and leave the internet for social networking and the occasional porn site.  If not, we will have thousands of people running around with Waardenburg’s Syndrome, Tangier Disease, and Osteochondritis.  Even without Web MD though, I do know one thing is for sure……it’s never Lupus!


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